Following the death of the controversial political leader of a small nation known as VZ, SIMÓN BETANCOURT, a young journalist raised abroad, returns to his homeland after years of exile to investigate the state of the close regime forged by El Hombre, and now maintained by his heir, El Niño. Although he has never lived in VZ before, Simón
has become an avid supporter of the movement of El Hombre, el Hombrismo, and dedicated his journalistic career to writing about the regime overseas.

The film opens with his arrival in the country, quickly followed by an abstracted and non-linear exposition of his discovery. The state of the regime presents itself through the accounts of people he meets, residents of VZ. Simón struggles to accept this reality, still holding on to his Hombrista idealism.

Soon after his arrival, he meets MANU, a radical yet broken apparition of a person, who lives on the top floor of an abandoned building. As she hosts him on his first day in VZ, she prohibits him from entering her room. The narrative then takes Simón through the unraveling world of VZ: protests, riots, massacres, shortages, and militarized violence - always under the strange and penetrating remembrance of El Hombre - which sustains the state of terror.

Drowning in the horror and the weight of his naivety, Simón goes back to Manu’s apartment to confront her. Finding the place empty, Simón enters her forbidden room and discovers there the unspoken mechanism of survival under oppression.

Torn between the circumstance of the nation and his profound need to belong to a place he once observed from afar, Simón must decide if he will stay in VZ, surrendering to the painful disruption of his being.