PATRIA & MUERTE was initially conceived in 2010, six months after Veronica Kompalic left Venezuela for South Africa at sixteen years old. The script was born out of impotence, as the writer began getting in touch with militants and individuals affected and tortured by the regime through networks of the Venezuelan resistance. Heavily influenced by the works of anti-Apartheid writers and playwrights, Patria grew out of 9 years of workshops, interviews, and conversations with Venezuelans and resistance fighters on the ground. 


The versatility of the Venezuelan situation complicated the process of its depiction. 

La situacion, as we call it, is constantly morphing into new terrains - electric collapses, mass shortages of food and medicine, the militarization of education systems, and the construction of a state of terror that survails every inch of the skin of its citizens.PATRIA & MUERTE is a film that chooses to exist entirely within the limits of the neglected and to stand against the cycles of mediocre tyranny.